Sunday, May 31, 2009

2009 May 31 - Nacimiento Road

2009 May 31 - Hollister to Big Sur via Nacimiento Road

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World's 10 Best Rides

Edelweiss Bike Travel head honcho Werner Wachter has ridden all over the world, so you'd expect him to have some favorite rides. Here are his top 10 picks.

For me, a great ride means experiencing delicious corners and enjoying the scenery that's flying by. It's difficult to absorb both at once, but when it happens I'm a happy camper. Luckily, I've had that feeling many times over the last 25 years--and on all five continents--running Edelweiss Bike Travel.

Here are my 10 favorites:

Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, California
Starting from Highway 101, take Jolon Road--between King City and Paso Robles--and ride west toward Fort Hunter Liggett Military Reservation. Have your insurance, registration and driver's license ready for inspection by military personnel--it's part of the excitement. You'll ride through lush forest to the crest of the Santa Lucia Range on a rough, narrow road with sharp, blind turns. Happiness maxes out as the view opens, shrouded in Pacific Ocean mist. One look at that blue water way down below and you'll know you're close to heaven. Take a deep breath at Highway 1 and aim north or south.

Today's Ride Route:

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Today's Riders:
Laura M riding with Dad KC M, Cat, Jim S, Cranky and me taking this photo while Cranky shakes his leg.

We meet at the McDonalds at the south end of Hollister as it is right on Hwy 25 and last decent meet up place before leaving town to the south. We were to leave at 10:00 AM but delay about 20 minutes to let the fog lift a little.
Cat rode her BUBF today. Jim S's Meanie, Cranky's Custom, my F650GS and KC's Meanie

We ride about 25 miles south on Hwy 25. Then I wave Jim S to go ahead because the twisties start in earnest. KC was suppose to ride along but he has a passenger today and will cruise along with the rest of us.

We stop just before the King City exit at a wide spot along side the road and regroup.
Cat, Jim and Laura

Cranky and KC taking pics

Our only gas stop at the start of Jolon Road just west of King City.
Gas prices are rising fast

We head to the Gate at Fort Hunter-Liggett.
KC took over half of the photos in this Blog

We stop at the Gate to show our Drivers License with motorcycle endorsement, Registration and Proof of Insurance.
pic stolen from Cranky's Blog

The weather has been really nice with mostly sunshine and cool to warm temps.

The last 16 miles of the 35 mile road takes us 45 minutes and no where to stop for a photo op.
As we start our descent we see a fog bank below us. The fog was not all the way to sea level but did obscure our view of the Pacific Ocean as we descended. The fog bank blew over us on the roadway and we finally got under it. KC and Jim stopped at the rear to get a few pics.
Jim's pic 1

Jim's pic 2

Coming down under the fog layer

We head north on Hwy 1 to have lunch at the Fernwood Resort's Redwood Grill.
It is foggy along Hwy 1

South of Big Sur on Hwy 1

Redwood Grill Web Site
Fernwood Tonight .. Another Fernwood Tonight

KC taking some pics

There are picnic tables in the back

VSP, Laura and Cat

Cranky's burger

KC's burger

Link to 11.9 MB pdf file of about Nacimiento-Fergusson Road

Jim took this heading south from Fernwood on the way back to Oxnard