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2009 Oct 10 - Welcome Kevin R. Ride

2009 Oct 10 - Welcome Kevin R. Ride {Carmel Valley Road}

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We are meeting at the McDonalds on Hwy 68 in Salinas. Today's ride is to welcome new VROCer, Kevin R. who just bought his first motorcycle, a 900. He will be taking his MSF Course next weekend so we will avoid any Freeways. Kevin is a young Lieutenant in the Navy attending the Naval Post Graduate School.

Cranky and Kevin looking at my bike, Cranky's and Top Dawg's

Funny looking Vulcan?

Although lunch is only 30 minutes or so and our first stop, Top Dawg just has to have a fried apple pie. :-)

Eating his Health Food, apple pie.

It is only a short 15 mile ride which takes a bit over a half an hour to the far end of Carmel Valley Village to get to Billy Quon's. Of course I overshoot the driveway and we have to double back.
Just 100 yards past the restaurant is the sign on Carmel Valley Road that states No Services for the next 41 miles.
The Volcano Grill and Mai Tai Bar parking lot side

The owner, Billy Quon behind the register

We are seated in the Lanai on comfortable sofas. There are three sofas and four of us so the two skinniest must share a sofa. :-)
A neat table

The two "big" guys get their own sofa

Another type of table in the Lanai { photo of their dessert later}

This is the main dining room decorated for Halloween.

Below is the Specials and Dessert Menu. Full Menu here.

Lunch Menu

$8.95 WiKi-Wiki Locals Lunch

Chinese Chicken Salad
Served with sweet Hawaiian rolls and coconut butter

Haleiwa Fish Tacos
Napa cabbage, carrots, celery, & mint. Served with sweet Thai chili sauce.“Volcano”

Kona BBQ Baby Back Ribs
with french fries

Kobe Beef Sliders
Two mini-gourmet Kobe Beef burgers with sweet potato fries

Cheeseburger & Fries
One half pound cheeseburgers with fries

Hawaiian Kahlua Pork Sliders
Two of our delicious Pork Sliders with sweet potato fries

Quesadilla Of The Day

Cuban Black Bean & Pork Soup
with a Volcano Grill Salad or Caesar Salad

Lunch Dessert Specials

Caramelized Banana Cream Pie 4.95

Arctic “Dri-Ice” Bon Bons 1.95 each

Top Dawg insists on eating healthy so he orders the Chinese Chicken Salad.

Kevin is still in his 20's so he has the half pound Cheeseburger and Fries.

I ordered the Mini Kobe Beef burgers, but Cranky and I traded one each.

Cranky ordered the Fish Tacos and I traded him one burger for one taco.

Putting on the "stuff"

No one at our table could eat a dessert. So I had to bother other patrons to take a photo of the two special lunch desserts.
From the next table this is the Carmelized Banana Cream Pie. They said it was delicious.

Now here are the ladies from the photo above. They shared an Arctic “Dri-Ice” Bon Bon.
Cool presentation, huh.

We then rode Carmel Valley Road with no incidents. But then I missed the Elm Avenue exit to Greenfield another double back. Then we had to retrace our route since the other road that we we going to take had a bridge out. Then only one more missed turn.

Now at Greenfield it had gotten warm. Everyone unlayered. Then we got back headed north and the wind started blowing hard and the temperature dropped 15°. Man was I freezing by the time we got to the Ride End. Which was a wide spot on River Road and Hwy 68. River road becomes Reservation Road and a straight shot for Kevin to get back home.

We say our good byes and split up to head on home.
Cranky and Kevin

Top Dawg cinching up his helmet

I think our next ride may be the kinda Annual Polar Bear Ride {NorCal PBR}.

~end for now

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