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2009 Oct 24 - Cranky's TriTip

2009 Oct 24 - Cranky's TriTip in Tracy Ride (Altamont Crossings)

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Today's Ride is a double crossing of the Coast Range between Livermore, CA and Tracy, CA with the wonderful Palomares Road thrown in.

Here is what has to say about Palomares Road:

If I had to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is where it'd be.

Forget about the house on the hill costing a million smackers.

This'll do just fine.


This road isn't all that long, say about 10 miles, and somewhat hard to find running north-south in between the Walpert Ridge and Sunol Ridge.

We are meeting at a McDonalds since I am old and need my Senior Coffee and a Restroom. :-)

Roy C. in the black cap and Eric D. the tall guy

We have a couple of new to our VROC Rides today. Mike from Manteca and Sid and Emily from San Mateo.

Sid and Emily and Mike at the back table

Our official greeter Cranky shaking Mike's hand

Mike and Sid and their bikes

Eric and Capt Redbeard

Cranky and Roy C

There are seven (7) bikes lined up and getting ready to pull out of the parking lot as I see Rad from Pacifica, CA on her green machine pulling in. I wave to her to get into line. So there are eight (8) bikes for the Ride.

Here is a map of today's Ride Route for more detail click on the View Larger Map.

View Larger Map

One mistake in my ride planning was to not have a pit stop in Livermore. So I pull off of Tesla Road onto Cross Road and a farmer's wide driveway for an impromptu "butt break".

Rad phoning Uwe that she made the Ride, barely.

These next photos are really out of sequence since they are photos of Patterson Pass Road which we rode after lunch. But I figured that some road pictures are needed here. :-)
I don't know if the Speed Limit is ever enforced. I have never seen a LEO on this road.

Oh yeah. It is a two way traffic, one lane road already and the sign says "Road Narrows"
{funny thing is that the road gets narrower}

More and more windmills along the Altamont

This is the wide part of the road and more windmills

The road really does get narrower

Here we are parking in front of {well to the side of} Shorter's Rib Pit in Tracy.

Rad, Eric and Cranky ordering from Donelle Shorter {Dave's wife}.

These two ladies took a picture of me and some others as we were ordering but the picture came out blurred. Oh well. They were happy that they got here just before us and did not have to wait for nine orders in front of them. :-)

Okay. Time for the obligatory food photos.
My brisket sandwich with the sauce on the side.

I tried eating it as a sandwich, but wound up eating the meat with my fork

Tri tip with a side of potato salad

Tri tip with a side of green beans

Cranky's pulled pork sandwich

Roy was the last one served since he ordered the catfish which had to be prepared

My rib dinner with coleslaw and black eyed peas from a previous visit. :-)

And the only one who had room for dessert was Capt. Redbeard. Here is his sweet potato pie.

Today's Riders:
Cranky S. -------- San Jose --- #16804
Capt Redbeard---Fremont --- #18179
Sid/Emily---------San Mateo - #21235
Rad P--------------Pacifica ---- #26674
Eric D-------------Castro Valley - Guest and many time HSVROC Attendee
Roy C-------------Castro Valley - #16477
Mike S------------Manteca ------ #27964
Don vsp----------Stockton ------ #5569


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